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You'll never get my money!

Design by jalidd

You'll never get my money! by jalidd on Threadless
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maybe try a different color t-shirt. natural? beige?


i love it on green...yes and more detail


The images aren't quite right. The houses, hotels and car could be something else. To really make the joke the images have to be unmistakably monopoly.

jalidd profile pic Artist

thanx for the comments! i'll work more on it, and resub, when i have more going on in the picture, I'll resub... just one question: I thought that the icons i made, where just like monopoly, aren't they?


I think it would be cooler with some different colors on the tiles to make it look more like a monopoly board.. with just the red and green it's a little harsh on the eyes and too x-massy, in my opinion.

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