you will like them when they re angry

Design by sooty

you will like them when they re angry by sooty on Threadless
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biticol profile pic Alumni

funny one :)


er... the girl version is a little too much for my taste...


I don't like the girl version.

I would probably just wear the guys one, haha.


staffell profile pic Alumni

i'd wear the girl version 5$

tomburns profile pic Alumni
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wheres bramish?

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

wow this is aweosme!
but do they have that kind of shirt colour?

drawing is very simple, but very cool

mezo profile pic Alumni

Funny....but reminds me of those lame long shirts you get at the beach which features "hot body" designs on them. You know, the shirts ONLY 50 year old 'large' people buy?

sooty profile pic Artist

I'm sure they'll make one in large if you ask nicely.

The body designs do have a certain 'crappy-apron-your-dad-might-wear-at-a-bbq' feel about them but I thought the hulkness might surpass that. ah well


i'd probably wear this never in my life.

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