You Wanna Catch Me?!

Design by tionat

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tionat profile pic Artist

Hey, Guys. Please allow me to introduce: "You wanna catch me?!"

Shadowplay is one of the incredible Chinese folk arts. It has long history in China and now is on the verge of extinct. Shadow puppets are made of leather, donkey and bull skin are the best raw materials. They are painted in mainly five colors: red, yellow, cyan, green and black. The performers control the shadow puppets by threads and make them to do various moves. The play is dub in background music of various tranditional drama.
This is a character in China tranditional shadowplay, he is riding a horse and playing hide-and-seek on the tee...You wanna catch me?! Have a try!

This tee is dedicated to all of those people who devote themselves to protecting our intangible cultural heritage...

Hope you like it! Thanks!

ivejustquitsmoking profile pic Alumni

people will say lose the text...

but the artwork is nice!


It's a beautiful design but I think the text distracts from it. Without the text it is perfect!


i am crazy about this one

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