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This one's for all the vinyl collecting nerds, DJs, and music lovers out there. I have a slight obsession with vinyl and the symbol that it has become — so here's my iconic take on the fun I have collecting and listening to records. And for any youngsters out there looking to get into collecting vinyl, you can start off here and let everyone know you are on your way to becoming a vinyl obsessed nerd like myself.

5 colors total - two solid greys, black, white + metallic silver on edge highlights and details to add a little depth and dimension.

By the way, this is my first Threadless submission and I hope to do a lot more!

ben chen
ben chen profile pic Alumni

cool!!!! profile pic Artist

@MeanJason: Lining up on diagonals like this is called 2 point perspective - it's sort of necessary for a sense of depth. Bald/no faces - not needed to illustrate the concept, gives it a defining style, and helps with the quality of reproduction if it gets printed.

@Chubra - I'm not a DJ either - just a guy who likes records.

Thanks for all the good comments so far! Much appreciated!


This is nice!

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

cool! profile pic Artist

thanks for all the good words. I'm glad it's being received so well! profile pic Artist

@ sevan.kouyoumjian: I build all my flash from scratch - I've been an interactive Art Director around the NYC area for a while now, so it's kind of second nature to me at this point. If you need any help, let me know.

@cori: placement is certainly a subjective kind of thing. I personally like it centered right over the rib cage, but that's just me. Thanks for the comments!


Wow - I simply adore this and would definitely get it... if it were in black (but thats just crazy old me).

Fantastic job. Don't change anything! (except for make it a black shirt :) profile pic Artist

@Anglesane: I have so many black Tees myself, so I understand your preference for sure. During critique the gray kept going over really well - seemed to be the strong preference in comparison to any of the other colors I was playing with. Thanks for using the word "adore" - that made my day.



FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Love the concept and even the black and white styling, I'd just prefer kids or some hipsters or something to the blank marionettes whom are playing on the vinyl-go-round right now. Excellent idea and drawing tho! profile pic Artist

@FRICKINAWESOME: Thanks for the good words. I had considered (and played with) giving more of a childlike look to the people, but I ultimately just went as plain/generic on them as possible - just focusing on form and a quick read rather than too many details to describe who the figures really were. And yes, LaurAsh is my very supportive girlfriend - I didn't even realize that was her comment until I got to the very end of it. She made me blush.

ndikol profile pic Alumni

so nice idea :D :D :D$5 profile pic Artist

oh man, last day on my first sub. the suspense is killing me. Thanks to everyone who left such positive comments thus far, it's certainly an ego booster.


Look great on the tee and the black circle idea is cool~ i feel the music yet the idea execution is great.

mike bautista
mike bautista profile pic Alumni

I love the idea, but I think I've seen something like it somewhere before. I don't remember where though. profile pic Artist

@ignacio_veiga: Thanks for the feedback - yeah, not everyone will respond to the concept, but that goes for any illustration or idea, I guess. Thanks for the good words, though! profile pic Artist

@mike bautista: Thanks! I wish you could remember where you think you had seen it because I killed myself making sure that nothing similar had been done - didn't want to trip myself up on my first sub.

evan3 profile pic Alumni

you spin my head right round right round..
wait it is a roundabout thing at the playground and record player!!

evan3 profile pic Alumni

check mine....:)

evan3 profile pic Alumni

fairly printable score! profile pic Artist

@Robotosteve - thanks for those kind words. I guess I've developed a thick skin from the industry (and school, of course) and hopefully a constructive way at responding to, as well as giving, critique. Although, I did hope for a bit of a higher score - not too shabby overall for my first sub.

@evan3: thanks for the comments you left as well, much appreciated.

@lalamagicfairy: That's certainly the most CAPS used in this thread, and definitely the longest version of "wow" that I've seen in a while - I'm glad my design has warranted that kind of enthusiasm from you! Thanks for commenting and voting!

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