You smell - but I love you

Design by Alburt

You smell - but I love you by Alburt on Threadless
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scenerie profile pic Alumni

Aw, adorable! I would buy it if it were printed on a light blue shirt, without the cloudlike shape, and no white bubble around "you smell"...just the words above the blobby guy; maybe make the words smaller too.

scenerie profile pic Alumni

The more I stare at Blobby, the cuter he gets. I want him!


That is one sad horse.



catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

This shirt is historical inacurate

mezo profile pic Alumni

Great job for a first submission. You have a loit of potential here and I urge you to keep subbing. As for this design, great horse character. I love how his saddle fits wonderfully tight to his body. Your other figure is ok...he really doesn't stand up to the horse, though. And I wish the text said something more intellectual. Also, the cloud they are positioned in is not needed and feel like a last minute thought. I look forward to seeing more from you & welcome!

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