you sank my battleship

Design by ronlewis


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yeah i agree "sigh" but at 2 in the morning it seemed like a good idea, color suggestions would be cool.


great sauce


Very nice concept might need a wee re-design though don't like the background strips and the way they fade off

4 from me
5 and a buy it you changed the background


I think the Japan reference is fine, it gives the image some more context and kinda flips shit all around with the whole board game reference. Shit's hawt. I'd cop it.

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thank you all that voted and for the constructive crits .


Insanely original and celver! great job!

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clun fan -interesting. . . I must say that this is total coincidence, and only backs up my theory that there is nothing left in this world that has not been done.
However I managed to include a reference to a histroical event . . . . either way I see your point , thanks for making me feel bad.


I think thats a little harsh to say the shirt is anti american, it makes a reference to an event that happened, granted the event happened to be shitty for america, but he's not saying he's glad it happened. It's the same thing for "biblical disaster", it makes a reference to the titanic, which wasnt as terrible but still pretty terrible, i'd tell those people who gave you shit about it, to go fuck themselves b/c you paid for it and its a bad ass design.


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This design is sweet as a nut and anyone stupid enough to have issue with this tee must be a whole new level of stupid. What's to say that the boat isn't North Korean or Chinese? Anti-American?! Get over yourself.


I stopped wearing this shirt because it is offensive to battleship players....alright thats funny.

One of my favs! When I wear this one out I'll buy another.


Am I the only one who noticed that battleships in Battleship only have 4 slots? What's with the fifth slot, what are we an aircraft carrier?


Very clever design!! I love it. If the Japanese reference was not all over the place I would buy it in a second.

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