You Might Have to Be Alone on This.

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You Might Have to Be Alone on This. by colt83 on Threadless
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yeohgh profile pic Alumni

cool...$5 love your illustration style

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

illustration is awesome indeed

Luke... profile pic Alumni

very good illustration

colt83 profile pic Artist

Guys, the song is indeed, the Bonnie TAYLOR shakedown. Check out or the hellogoodbye site.
Thanks for the comments guys.


Wow, hands down the best entry for this contest I have seen.

colt83 profile pic Artist

I though the headphones guy was cool.
Sorry for letting everyone down.
There's always room for improvement, so I can fix this no problem. If you have any suggestions, let me know.
I hope this unfortunate encounter doesn't tarnish your perspective on any future subs of mine.


dig the upper placement.

colt83 profile pic Artist



Sweet as hell, would like to see it a little bigger though.

colt83 profile pic Artist

There's a story embedded in here. The kid's a loner, just walking thru town, listening to his Ipod. Then, 'Bonnie Taylor Shakedown' by Hellogoodbye comes on. The music engulfs his mind and he sees a cute girl being chased by Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!
The part of the song, "So you know that you're never on your own" comes on inspiring him. He then decides to do something heroic and takes her hand, proclaiming "I'll save you Bonnie Taylor!"
This conflicts with who he is in real life, a socially blank kid, hence the title, you might have to be alone on this, representing the clash of his dreams and his real life. That's why, as some people commented, he looks out of place. His body and his dream are two separate elements. I'm not sure how well this got conveyed, but it's there.

Is he dancing or running away?
You decide.

colt83 profile pic Artist

Thanks Aristarchus. The Hellogoodbye Loves had some fierce competition though. Travis' is one of my favorites.


I love it, the only problem is.....the more popular song in the world is the 80's "Hero" song by Bonnie TYLER. So, to most people who don't know or have never heard of hellogoodbye, they would think the shirt is a huge error. Otherwise, I'm in love with it and totally would have bought it.

colt83 profile pic Artist

crack11974, I know, some people earlier were confused, but I can't keep living in the 80's. Plus, the text doesn't appear on the shirt, I put it there so my chihuhua would think I was cool. Blame the confusion on the band, I'm just a patsy. Thanks, for liking the shirt over the band, but keep in mind that the intellectual property of Hellogoodbye inspired this illo, libra27. I can't believe you remember that slogan!
Thanks guys, I really enjoy your comments.

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