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You may already be a winner!* by EricDiaz on Threadless
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EricDiaz and rossmat8 would like to congratulate you on winning this amazing prize! Please take some time to read the fine print:

*Winners must be legal citizens of their country and aged 13 years or over. Winners must be able to provide proof of age and nationality. No individual can win more than once per month. Prize must be claimed within 24 hours of notification. Three winners per household. Some restrictions may apply. The collection department requires that winners provide their names, phone numbers and addresses in the event that they need to be contacted. Winners may be subject to random phone calls involving heavy breathing followed by hanging up. Winners should not be alarmed if they discover toilet paper covering their houses. Also, routine eggings should be expected, even long after prize has been redeemed. Winners may be subject to random drug examinations or full body cavity searches. Winners must also be able to beat the current heavyweight boxing champion in a 15-round fight. Should the winners lose the fight but survive, the prize will be given to the heavyweight champion, who will in turn beat the winners with it. Again congratulations on your free reward.

Possible side effects from holding, smelling, touching, or thinking about prize include shortness of breath, insomnia, temporary loss of vision, permanent loss of sanity, narcolepsy, extreme flatulence, hair loss, and sweaty palms.

Thanks to the people who helped out on this, you know who you are!

jess4002 profile pic Alumni



and because of this idea... you may have also won the prize of getting PRINTED!


Awesome! I love it :) I would so buy this on a tshirt.


love it!


LOL, this is great!

Krakaboom profile pic Alumni

Haha - nice work guys!

EricDiaz profile pic Artist

yea! thanks guys!!

phillydesigner profile pic Alumni

hahhah.. so great!!!!! i'd totally wear this




Love it! Although I'm sure I'd have someone reading my shirt for about two minutes.

rossmat8 profile pic Alumni

I think this would work very well as a print and pretty good as a tee. I'll be very happy if it prints either way. Also thanks for putting it on emptees Eric.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

It's all in the details. Love the grammatical improvements and the confetti and trophy in the middle of the O. I predict a winner right here!

only if you buy me a t-shirt. Then I'll make the printing happen.


funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

funny! might have been able to push it further if the fine print had fine print

i like it on green.

EricDiaz profile pic Artist

Consider it bought FA!

But the fine print does have fine print! the side effects...


on green $5

toopersent profile pic Alumni

you mean...I finally won something!?!?!

yessssssss! 5$

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

this is very clever :)

rossmat8 profile pic Alumni

I debated going with Mike Tyson but didn't want to mess with possible lawsuits.


this is awesome. while someone is reading this shirt i can steal their wallet. print this!

alvarejo profile pic Alumni

jaujaujaujauajuajua $5

boostr29 profile pic Alumni

Winners must also be able to beat the current heavyweight boxing champion in a 15-round fightitalic

bwahahahaha! hilarious!!! $5

silverqe profile pic Alumni

I think some more colors or some sort of effect in the typography itself to help make the funny parts of the block of text stand out more would be helpful... at least to the random passerby of this shirt. :) Still, very funny idea. I just think its humor would definitely be lost on most people because they'd stop reading around "...of notification. Three winners per household. ...." Work the design so as to ensure that they keep reading... or else shorten it just a bit?

Okay I'm blathering now and maybe I've missed the whole point of this design. Great job and 5 none the less.

rossmat8 profile pic Alumni

Yeah but that would also defeat the purpose of it being "fine print" I agree it is very long but you're going to wear it for an entire day and people will read more every time they see you and when they finally get to the jokes it makes it even more worth while. I think this might score low because of the amount of text, but I think people that take the time to read it fully appreciate what it is we're trying to do.



subject to awesomness

EricDiaz profile pic Artist

haha, thanks guys! Remember no purchase necessary. Void where prohibited.

ndikol profile pic Alumni

cool ... i like it


This is great! It is a bit long, but that is really the joke, even if you don't have time to read the text. There are always so many disclaimers!!
Great one guys!

rossmat8 profile pic Alumni

I'm going to start a guess the score blog if that is okay with you Eric. It will be only if it prints obviously but I want to see what people think this will score.

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

nice job guys!

dacat profile pic Alumni

Ha too funny!


cool, but doesn't the submission guidelines for threadless clearly state they look for design/illustration work, and not text base work for its shirts, unless there is a bit included in the design.
i don't know dude, i'm surprised they accepted it up here.

good luck though!

rbthatcher profile pic Alumni


Lookin' GOOD!!!!

jaywalkergraphics profile pic Alumni

It's a conversation piece. The whole point is to make people stop. I dig it. $4

EricDiaz profile pic Artist


EricDiaz profile pic Artist



Captain Jack

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