You Have Now Been Served

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You Have Now Been Served by number4 on Threadless
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i love sloths!!!


is the head on backwards?

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Nope, they can turn their heads pretty far. I wanted to make the sloth brown on the blue shirt, however I think that would have made it 5 colors. But I definitely agree.


hehehe...i just want a shirt with that sloth on it...doing something slothy...that doesnt make his head look like its backwards...but i love the sloth.


the squiggles represent the powerful shot of a sloth ping pong master, i love it!!! 5555555555!

number4 profile pic Artist

Actually, his left hand is holding on to the net. He's not supposed to be standing, but instead hanging. And if you look at the links you'll see that they can turn thier heads around pretty far. Although I guess I could rework it. Thanks for the feedback.


the squiggles look to me like they're supposed to be the line of the ball, in which case, the slothg messed up his serve. hmm. looks wierd.

i like sloths though.

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