You Have Dysentery

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You Have Dysentery by Quag on Threadless
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Ninjas! That game was so freaking awesome.. with ninjas it rocks even more. I beg you threadless, PRINT THIS.

mrs. squid

did anybody ever beat that game?
i couldn't , maybe i'm just a retard though.


I wouldn't wear it, but that doesn't mean I don't love it.


Those ARE the original Oregon Trail colors. I have it on my PC and after seeing this sub I went and played a round. Besides the text and the ninjas it's practically a screen shot.
I love it. Already gave it a 5$.

Quag - Hope you don't mind, I made a design from one of the hunting scenes, but I haven't submitted it yet.


I always loved hunting deer and the like, but my damn water and meat always went bad. $5 and a buy


hhahah. i used to play this in 3rd grade with the crappy macs that didn't work except for this game and mavis beacon [the typing game]


Oh my gosh..I LOVED that game..

spacesick profile pic Alumni

Dear God, that's wonderful. I miss being 8.

andyg profile pic Alumni



terrific idea and well done. if i didn't already own "you have died of dysentery" from busted tees, i would not hesitate to buy this. i'll sure give you a 5 though


Best game ever back in the day!!! I'd buy it!


Makes me proud to live in Oregon. Thank you for this.


$5 Man, I was obsessed with that game in like 3rd grade! Love it!


XD I should stop to forage for squash...and throw them at the ninjas XD

ahh...the good ol'days


The Busted "dysentery" shirt's not really as good a parody, though. That shirt just makes a kind of mindless reference and slaps a wagon on there----it doesn't effectively utilize the visual style of the game like this one does. Making use of what could be a screenshot to effectively place your own joke into a game we all know and love is pretty clever: Anachronistic ninjas create a spoof, a reference, and a tribute all in one shirt.
In 1990 you know I was wishing for something like this.
In the real game. :)

j de la mancha

Awesome idea but the colors are terrible.


I will never understand the threadless voting public!


this is fantastic... i cant believe its not printed yet


Man, I REALLY wish Threadless would take another look at this submission! AHEM Look how many of the comments are positive!!!

staffell profile pic Alumni

yeah, but look how shit the design is

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

Yeah, it really is terribly unappealing on a shirt.


I don't understand the "shitty design" comments... that's what the game looked like. How is it a bad design? I'm not asking to be a smartass, I really want to know why the design sucks? Because it could almost be a stillframe from the game (besides the ninjas, which is a nice touch, I think).

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