You Forgot The Charcoal!?!?

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You Forgot The Charcoal!?!? by Ellsswhere on Threadless
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I don't think the "no charcoal" thing is vital to the design. It's funny, but it looks cool anyways. Your comment made me laugh out loud.


I love this! Especially with summer just around the corner. $5

Ellsswhere profile pic Artist

its simply the name of the design... the main concern for a buyer would be how it looked on a tshirt so im not too concerned with whether or not the missing charcoal is obvious... if it really bothers you well... sorry.
As for the grey poopon... its a fancy mustard brand, basically just a spicy mustard, the real name is Grey Poupon but for many reasons i just made it grey poopon which is better than mustard any day. And as i said all spelling and names are on purpose, spatula is boring and technical sounding, i like words that describe their action, a flipper flips burgers... a spatula doesnt spatula things.
5$ if you like it... and yeah TastesLikeGrandpa if you wanna be a good son you could buy this for your dad, it has many uses. BURN

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

theres alot of "inventory" shirts around these days.


I love this!

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

By inventory I mean that there are alot of themed tshirts that contain all the elements of that theme, or tshirts where a larger object is made of smaller themed ones. 6 months ago they were fairly rare.

I was not making a judgement on the quality of this design, as I think it is fairly good and being an Aussie I must support the barbeque - even if you americans seem to use alot of accessories =P


A couple things about the mustard:

You forgot brats! Oh, the blasphemy.

The mispelling/copyright dodge bugs me a lot. If you really want it to be spicy mustard, just call it Dijon mustard, which is what Grey Poupon is.

Also, I've never seen Dijon mustard in a yellow mustard container. Does it come that way?

These things would prevent me from buying the shirt, were it printed. (Also, we spell it ketchup where I'm from, but I know that's not universal. And the fact that if I wore a barbeque shirt that did not contain brats, I would probably be lynched.)

Anyway, you did a good job with this, and I really like it. All that stuff is nitpicky, and I know it. I like it best on green.


...and the brat thing, um, isn't really about mustard. Oops.

mini dukes III

And if I was a vegetarian? Haha.

Ellsswhere profile pic Artist

no... its not... thankyou zimzu and honeybises... but as i said in my first comment... the spelling is on purpose

Ellsswhere profile pic Artist

yaknow to be honest my first thought was to put beer on here, but i thought about my audience and reconsidered, how would you all feel about beer on this design?

Big Ed

Great colors! What a fun shirt. I would buy this for people.

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