you flyboys crack me up

Design by Rock Deputy

you flyboys crack me up by Rock Deputy on Threadless
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I love this. And if there are copyright problems, it shouldn't be too hard to change the X-wings to biplanes or fighter jets.



It's a great design that is unfortunately comprised of things owned by George Lucas, and we all know how lax he is with his intellectual property.


iwouldbejosh: then why would they do a darth vader shirt?


this design is spectacular! awesome use of blues, I'd wear it.


Yep, uh huh. I would buy it and wear it until it was threadbare. $5


i think its a very cool star wars shirt, way better than any i have ever seen in stores, i donno if threadless would print it, but if they did i wouldn't blame them, its a great design

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what the...?

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