Yin Yen Kiss

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Yin Yen Kiss by gordond on Threadless
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The interaction of the woman and the man are like the interaction between the yin and the yen, love and the destruction of love, life and its ultimate end in death. As well, there is a mandala behind the couple that encompasses their entire life from beginning to end.

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This was drawn by my great friend and business partner, Koichi. He came up with a lot of the ideas for the shirt as well. :)

gordond profile pic Artist

Thank you for your awesome comment. I see what you mean. :)

gordond profile pic Artist

All of my submissions are actually collaborations between myself and the artist. I come up with the ideas (and in the case of our one inch button business, write all of the vivid descriptions) and he does the drawing. :) Thank you for the comment!

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