Yet We Survive

Design by Moss

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Luke... profile pic Alumni

nice job...great concept
moss...binging some class&culture to threadless...


to small for a tee
but great for revolution!!!!


Addressing the concern that the text is too small for a t-shirt: let's assume that the boys and girls at Threadless can make this work and print the shirt so that all text may be legible.

Based on this assumption, is this a design that you all would like to see printed?

I love both the elegance and profoundness of the design. Well done, Moss.


I appreciate the sentiment and sophistication of this design. However, rainbows are almost always associated with Gay Pride. When viewed from a distance, the design may be dismissed as such and the real meaning/intent would be lost.


I LOVE this shirt, and think it would also look great on a black tee, to make the bright colors pop even more.


this is original.. like it

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

Moss you know I love your designs, and apart from the already mentioned gay pride issue, I think that some of these 'tragic world events' are very subjective. I mean, i think more chileans would have been affected by the events of 9/11/1973 than the chilean earthquake in 1960. Moreover a few Nicaraguans living in rural Nicaragua in 1983 might have a few things to say about leaving them 'of the map'. Or the Sudanese that were adversly affected by the bombing of the Al-Shifa Pharmaceutical Factory in Khartoum in 1998. I suppose what I'm trying to say is, that however noble the message is supposed to be, or passionate for that matter, it will never truely be a design appreciated or accepted by all, because one persons tragedy is sometimes anothers reason to celebrate.

d3d profile pic Alumni

i don't get t-shirts with a message. to me the t-shirt is a little more lighthearted than that.


This is like a Debbie Downer designed shirt.

You see it from afar and you're full of joy,
but when you get close and start noticing
all the tragedies listed you can almost hear
the Debbie Downer whaaa.. whuuu.. trumpet

loglow profile pic Alumni

Yeah, I'd love this as a poster too.

grayehound profile pic Alumni

How can you not give this a good score? I just wish it weren't on a navy tee with those colors.


yet another reason to be annoyed at the gay appropriation of the rainbow (yes I know this isnt a "perfect" gay pride rainbow, and no, that won't matter a bit to the hundreds of people who would glance at it for 2 seconds and see it as one) this shirt idea rocks, but it WOULD have the majority of people who see it on you tagging you as gay


its to many colours, (not for me it is but for threadless 4colour print)

Pacifique profile pic Alumni

For all those who can't read the print. Click and drag your mouse to zoom in.

WHOA how cool was that?

Anyhow, cool shirt you bloody wanker. 5$

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