Yesterday, Tommorow and Today

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Yesterday, Tommorow and Today by 3ddevine on Threadless
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I dig it... I'd even buy it

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

oh man, I thought it was Johann Sebastian Bach, Sebastian Bach of Skid Row, and some kind of BachBot.


i wish the guitar was more accurate

seacrest lover

^^yeah that would b nice but i luv the idea-try workin on it alittle ya no, fix it up & ill by it


they should definately be playing in a group


Sweet concept. Love the faces...lose the text. Res ipso loquitur (it speaks for itself).


The text isn't on the design keter... so you are correct that it would do well without it.

I love it, maybe you could make the placement a bit easier to see in the presentation next time so people don't complain about things that aren't even included in the shirt.


the today one should be holding a guitar hero controller and they should be in chronological order.

do it, and i'm hooked.

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