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I happen to like the book and the movie Bladerunner. I see nothing wrong with doing an homage to it.


Man, complaining about this because it's an homage is just ridiculously stupid. If it were just something jotted off, maybe, but this is well done.

If you do get it chosen, and you have a good chance with this one, there are a couple little things I'd suggest working on. The arms are a little confusing, might want to make its right shoulder a little more obvious to clear up how the arms are oriented. Possibly work on the hand, just sharpen it up, and it's shadowed and thumbed like the hand is coming from the left arm, but after some consideration it looks like the hand is probably from its right. Awesome design, though.


I thik its a little bit akward in the arm/shoulder regions. Rework it a little bit.

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Yes after I looked at it again, the left arm would have to be really long to join at the elbow, so maybe if I change the angle of the top portion of the arm.

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Welsh androids are androids and electric sheep are nervous!

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I posted a fixed image in my profile. The arm is better and the sheep is less placid.


I like this design, I think resubmitting it with the bubble more transparent or possibly gritty and broken up. Too bad it wasn't printed.

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