Yer a Soused One, Missr Grissh

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Yer a Soused One, Missr Grissh by peanutpie20 on Threadless
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peanutpie20 profile pic Artist

(My apologies to Theodor Geisel.) Ahmm...

All the Whos down in Whoville expect the hootch to deliver,
Just don't be like the Grinch and poison yer liver
Cause while the Whos, Snerts and Zerbits see the pink elephant,
The poor Grinch waits alone for his liver transplant
Writing rhymes about drink ain't my bag, so I'll quit,
Compared to Suess, who's the master, this all seems like...

Holidays are for family,
Not just a season of boozin'
So vote some "5's" to your brother,
To keep this shirt from losin'

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Before i read your description, I thought a machine was implanting a seashell in the Grinch's body. now this make more sense.

peanutpie20 profile pic Artist

Thanks for the comments, guys. I hadn't really thought about including the text (didn't want to be too "spelling-it-out"). What about the sleave for it, or would you just stick to the back?


Commenters on this site seem to either want no text at all or a whole paragraph. No happy medium.


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