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^ lol! :D

i like it. i mean the shirt, not the fact you can see the model's underwear!



Well, it's really just the yellow pages ad with sneakers added. I don't think that's legal, eh?


Pantie Peek!


i've never seen someone so upset over 5 pixels worth of panties - so what


I wear yellow undies. :(

mezo profile pic Alumni

Some of you lady commentors need to shave your pits or pay attention to what is important- the artwork.

As for the artwork- it would be a problem to pirnt due to copyrights, but maybe if you added more (maybe have trees in the back ground, or the hand walking a hand dog?) or take away more (like the book it's walking on) it could work. The idea, itself is good.

"And what girl would wear yellow undies anyway?" is the most moronic question I ever copied & pasted to point out it's moronicism.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

its funny, the sort of people complaining about seeing underwear will probably go and jack off to some porn later because noone would want to go out with such prude losers.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Karma schmarma. Way to go a'hunting for an insult to only fall short. "And what girl would wear yellow undies anyway?" remains a ridiculous question as you remain a ridiculous idiot. Burning yourself accidentally is just that, an accident.

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