Yellow and Blue

Design by annaaaaa

Yellow and Blue by annaaaaa on Threadless
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great idea so cute

did you actually ddi this on watercolor? FAB!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
2 designs submitted - Score now!

Whoa, that is some strange coincidence TWO people had the same concept for this contest?!?!? And released only a few dozen designs apart for voting! While Rodrigo's I'm sorry to say bests your version of this concept, I like how you incorporated the sun and sea into the design a bit more than Rod's did. The timing sucks on this one, so sorry!


I agree with Frickinawesome.

annaaaaa profile pic Artist

Damn... my timing really really sucks.... can't believe the coincedence!
Well, I actually do like mine better :-) but quess I'm one of the few...


Big coincidence but they're both good! :)

And it's good that they were both accepted at the same time - stops any silly accusations of copying!


Actually I like both... and think they're pretty different... this one have a better concept, the other one a better execution.

Skap 1er

very cute, great kids tee!

ndikol profile pic Alumni

nice idea :D

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