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Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

I remember this one nerdy guy in my computer class who could make crazy patterns with the turtle, so much so that he was the coolest guy for half an hour a week.... his "powers of cool" never did extend to other areas. $5


wasn't this logo? I immediately thought Logo when I saw this... that's the language the turtle understands or something, right? I totally remember this.

dudmatic profile pic Alumni

technically, i should be too young to remember this, but my elementary school's computer room was about ten years behind the rest of the world.


Yeah, I remember it being LOGO too.
Woo for ICT.

atomicchild profile pic Artist

seems that there was many versions of our beloved turtle......xturtle and logo where the same thing under diff names so it could say either


I loved that program!!

It's how I learned about loops and logic in rudimentary coding. Thanks for the blast from the past!

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