Wrong timing!

Design by denji

Wrong timing! by denji on Threadless
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hehehe, quite cute one here. I'd like the buildings a bit more sketchy for some reason like the other pieces of the sub, and I think having a kitten or fox or wild animal right next to the rooster kind of throws the balance of what to focus on right away off a bit. Maybe a bit more noise lines coming out of the the rooster too. I really like the idea here and the clouds and moon's severe annoyance at this way early riser.

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Looks great on the shirt! Nice job

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Nice concept and welcome back!!! SUPER 5 cute!!


The skyline makes me think of an Etch-a-Sketch... and, trust me... people have roosters in the city. Want to throttle the stupid birds.

Nice job... could use some clean-up... to me it doesn't seem like the Rooster is making an annoying noise... because of the gently curved dashed line to the music note, it appears to be a peaceful melody, which roosters aren't capable of... unless you're implying the rooster's crooning the fox to sleep? Now I'm confusing myself.


Yep, definitely roosters in the city. There are 2 big ones in my neighborhood. I've never heard them in the morning.

I like it. Good job.

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