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World in my eyes by Jebs on Threadless
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Kojima profile pic Alumni

Both the original and this one are cool.


very nice. I like the colors.


The innovative & cool design alone caught my attention, but if this was named after the Depeche Mode song from my favorite album of all time (Violator), then I will SO buy this shirt (But 5$ either way, it's damn cool)! ^_^

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks everybody :-) and yes slydante> i love, too, the song and the "violator" album even if it has nothing to do with my design ^^

herky profile pic Alumni

nice colors and illustration.

filak profile pic Alumni

Nice $5

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks everybody :-) for the colors, that's easy to fix (green on black for example ^^ );-) for the two eyes, that's not a bad idea, but there would be then too much elements on the tee shirt i think...

Jebs profile pic Artist

ok!!!! NEW COLORS on a new version on the blog (just click on my pseudo) for juliazale and for the others too. It's green on black ;-)


Nice illustration but I like my T's to cheer my up ; )

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks, i admit that it's not a very optimistic design, but sometimes, we have to do that, to remind all of us, that the problems in our world are present, still today, and have to be taken seriously, to be in our minds, and not to be forgotten because of our comfortable single little life, to be fixed ;-)

Jebs profile pic Artist

marsh> ok :-) ALTERNATIVE VERSION with 2 eyes on my blog ;-)

professor profile pic Alumni

great job...i love it! 5


i think you should make it into some kind of face instead of just the eye alone

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks everybody, i appreciate a lot your coments and ideas! jrkesge> i made a green version (on blog) /// sarah> that's a good idea, really :) (but i think i already use too much my draw, so it's my last one about the subject)

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