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World 1-1

Design by erinpillar

World 1-1 by erinpillar on Threadless
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Sorry bro, gonna need a little more distinction than shrubbery. At least some enemies or rings/coins/rupees, or something that people will recognize more than plants. I could only recognize the palm from sonic and the blocks from mario.


Excuse me if you aren't a bro. Thinking video game fans are all guys is sexist of me.


This is a great idea, I like how you mixed all of the best old school video games. Yet I think Brimby has a point, a few coins or some baddies would be even cooler for the design. Than again I know how ppl are limited on colors and all.

Anyways I love the design, it looks great! Nice color choice aswell :)


I really like the whole "video game garden" concept. The only thing I didn't immediately get was the duck hunt tree.
I'd totally wear it on forest green. 4.

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

good stuff


I like the shadow plants in the background and I really love how the sonic tree still has that great polygonal shape that defined the look of the origional sonic game. Nostalgic. You must have put a lot of work into this. 5$

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

forest green is great 5$

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I like the idea, but some of the elements need to be further defined and possibly grouped together differently. Or maybe using the vertical space of the shirt a bit more? Maybe the bottom part of the screen (the underground-scorpion creeping part) from Pitfall!, and possible the Donkey Kong Country rendered trees? I like the idea a lot tho.




Finally! A Sega reference!
I only don't recognized the duck hunt tree. =P

Note: sunflowers are from Sonic 1 too! ^^

crafty minx

maybe some coins or rings or just one other thing to make the idea jump out a little more. or even if the question mark boxes were a little brighter so the contrast was better. really like the concept though!

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