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Word to your Mammoth

Design by WanderingBert

Word to your Mammoth by WanderingBert on Threadless
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WanderingBert profile pic Artist

Word to your Mammoth!

Not much explaining required- quite a random little design.
Avaliable with or without the text- I liked it so I left it on.

Uses 4 or 5 colours depending on the shirt colour.

Looks best on white but I know how a lot of you feel about white, so other shirt colours avaliable (links to colour variations and bigger image on my profile).



$555555555 GENIUS and i also pray trunk rock is printed

good stuff keep subbing

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

$5 I like the crazy color scheme but not really on green...

Frank Vice

i really like the textures $5

The Ending

This looks best on white for sure! Keep the text, great work.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

haha, freakin rad
concerning the text...i would love to just see a little speech bubble: "WORD"

herky profile pic Alumni

great character and nice textures

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Wandering are on goddamned fire lately man! I'll call the nearest fire department so that you don't just go to cinders....funny design that shoulda been put into the old-skool contest...4$


Looks best on the dark blue.
Very witty.


for once, i actualy like the text here. it's very well done, and doesn't immedietly demand your attention. $5.


def. with the text. i would so buy it. I'd be the coolest gangster in the place. word up. peace out. 5.

Edword profile pic Alumni

nice one!


this makes me giggle because, well, I work at a museum. So I would totally wear this to work.

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