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Word to the Herd by biotwist on Threadless
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my girlfriend loves elephants so I wanted to make something with her in mind. This is a huge change in styles for me and my first time using a tablet but I had this Wacom clintiq 21ux just sitting around and a felt like a douche for not using it.
you can see what this would look like as a print HERE

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Red? Maybe the color got obscured by the shirt shadows and highlight but I am pretty sure I made that elephant pink not red. See the link at the top to see the actual graphic

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I wish there was a taaad more detail in the elephants but still very wearable and awesome-able with the variety of design on them and the one near the heart!



if you lighten it a bit so it looks more pink, that'd be great


but I had this Wacom clintiq 21ux just sitting around
... dude.. If I had that tablet I'd use it every minute of the day..

great work!

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I'm getting the hand of using the tablet but I still don't use any of its shortcut functions yet. It has had the adverse effect of now I cant seem to work with out it if I can help it


love, it. Is there anything special about that elephant? hard to see. needs a detail of it. Is it humping that other elephant?
Pink is better than red.

biotwist profile pic Artist

the only special is that it's pink and standing up. the method I used to place the image on the shirt only makes it look redish. you can clearly see in the thumbnail that its pink. thank you for digging it though

briancook profile pic Alumni

I was just talking about Dumbo with someone, this reminded me of it. It would be a fun shirt to wear!


i like it

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the tablet went unused . I was very intimated about trying to make the transition to tablets, it wasn't as easy as I thought it was going to be at first and I still haven't been able to take advantage of all the shortcuts that should speed up the whole process. this was the first serious thing I made with it and it broke the ice well. At the very least, tracing my scanned imaged with linework is a breeze, another problem I have with the clintiq is it just isn't bright enough and i cant get the colors right, A minor drawback.
thanks for all the feedback so far guys, cheers!


awesome!! i love it very much! $5 meoww meoww~~

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I hope so too. this seems to be the only thing of i have made that people really liked


I missed this for scoring, but I hope it prints. I LOVE wraparound designs when they work, and this one seriously works (better than any I've seen printed by them)

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thanks bro, I agree with you, the fact that this is mostly line work should cover up the creases in the print by the seams. I still have plenty of time on my hands I have no problem wasting, Its about time I submit something new. my only regret is not adding in more tusks


come on, Threadless... a simple 3 colors on a belt print that (I agree) won't look shoddy on the seams because of the tight and thick linework (it would really not work if it had skinny lines)...

Seeing the April Fool's releases made me go back into the designs I am watching to try and get inside of the heads of people who find this at all inferior to, say, the original (kid turned sideways with an eye patch) sub of angry child, the wolf-on-a-moped, etc... not to entirely dismiss those for "some," but this works for adults and kids alike. One thing I might suggest... if you move it "up" by about 1 elephant body size (not the whole height, just the height of the body mass minus legs and head)... the pink elephant would be better placed above the female's breast (believe me, having it on the underside of a curvy girl is a bad idea--err on the side of "over") and the less interesting bodies that are currently on the stomach might get sort of tucked in the creases more with the faces that have trunks and ears up and out right on the stomach. I don't know, though, how easy it is to bump it all up a notch (the visual left would have a cool face right on the shoulder, the right with trunks sticking up, the middle with the more expressive ear, just left of the center by the neck having the full head with ivory showing). They are the masters of this, though. I'll be pretty content so long as they don't attempt to, as some shirts imply they have, flatter the staff figures more than the end user (since the staff can have all the custom shirts they want).

biotwist profile pic Artist

thanks for the kind words. i could move the elephant where ever they wanted me to move it


excellent coverage
I like the pink elephant
is fun


I'm thinking about getting this one for my special lady friend.


nice score! :D


I love this! How do we convince them to print it? I would buy it in a heart beat!

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