Woodbury Walkers

Design by Link Design

Woodbury Walkers by Link Design on Threadless
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very cool, man!


Weak sauce


Best zombi logo





Leo Canham
Leo Canham profile pic Alumni


Link Design
Link Design profile pic Artist

Thanks everyone! Please share with your walking dead fans! @Rashadshawa my name isn't Mike. I'm a lady ;)


Great Job Lindsey. Although not a fan (actually have never seen an episode-- I know, I know, shoot me, but don't bite me), I do like the 'feel' of your graphic.


So cool, so fun xoxoxo <3


It's a 5! Great Work, Lindsey!


Link design, you've scored over 2500 submissions at a 1.67 avg. That amount of hate is suspicious. You should play fair.

Link Design
Link Design profile pic Artist

khyuss, I don't feel like I should have to explain anything but here goes.. REALLY your the one showing hate here. I give fair scores. when I 1st joined threadless I would go through and give an honest score on EVERY design, even not so good ones and that is prob why its low still. I later realized I would only score designs at all that I feel are a three or better. it was still getting the hang of how thigns work. I've never gone through and purposely sabotaged peoples design. NEVER. why would I do that? I want people to judge me fairly. BUT ya know, Im glad you don't have "mean intent" in your post here at all, or have entirely too much time on your hands. Give me a break...

Link Design
Link Design profile pic Artist

Oh and you forgot to state the fact that Ive helped 30 designs get printed with my voting, Ive never got printed myself, but Im still on here honestly participating and having fun not accusing people of crap.


This one, mate, deserves a print. That's for sure. So... by doing such a great job, you leave me no choice, but to score you... 5. Check out my 'Settle Down' design, mate!


Wow, now you're up to 2.02 in one day. That sure is a lot of 5s, given your history. Guilty much.

Link Design
Link Design profile pic Artist

ya know, I am guilty, of not voting enough. So thank you! your malicious pathetic comment trolling served a good purpose and I gave plenty of 3s 4 and 5s to deserving T's yesterday :)


money. this is brilliant


Intense ! :)

Santo76 profile pic Alumni


blackhand_ profile pic Alumni

Love the bold graphic and reference.


very nice! 5

Alicewolves profile pic Alumni

This whips ass! I want! :)

Link Design
Link Design profile pic Artist

Thanks! only a couple more days. please vote and comment!


Love this so much!!! I love the walking dead, GO WALKERS!

Link Design
Link Design profile pic Artist

Thanks everyone! this is one of the highest scores Ive had.

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