Wonder Rider

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Wonder Rider by dacat on Threadless
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This is the only version of Wonder Woman I've ever liked. Great work !


i love everything except the cat's position. i'd wear it.

JOHN2 profile pic Alumni

haha took me a second to get it! you are a funny man.

dacat profile pic Artist

John2: I just ordered your shirt yesterday for my sister! You are awesome!

dacat profile pic Artist

oh the shadows are blended into the head of the rider...because of the angle :-) I don't think I did a great job with the shadows in general, but I wanted something else besides the usual big ovals!

herky profile pic Alumni

great concept and illustration.

dacat profile pic Artist

You mean why is he licking himself? Because he can...


the only thing i like is the cat


i'd probably drop some tread marks on there. also yea, the cat... never seen a cat riding on the back of a bike...


... you could have catwoman? maybe they both went to the butch side of life after batman ran off with aquaman.


I hope you have more tweaked superhero designs in the works. I love your stuff.

dacat profile pic Artist

Thanks helo, I was going to, but it depends...the superboy one didn't even make it! I love hero stuff too!


I'm a big fan of Wonder Woman and most WW shirts suck. This is very funny. However, I believe the leg proportions are wrong. I hope that if you get picked, you're able to resubmit with a design that corrects that. Her super-long thighs kinda bug me.


it's funny but i agree with spidra on the leg proportions. and sorry, but there must be a connotation with the cat that i don't understand.... i give it a 3.


What ? the superkid design is out of the running ? That's crazy !

dacat profile pic Artist

spidra, I will shorten her legs, just for you...helo, that one was a "miss"...perhaps the colors, not funny, etc...who knows...I have some others in the works


Clever. I'd get it if I were a biker.

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