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From one facial hair growing man to another, this is rad.


You're an egomaniac...on top of that, you don't seem to understand the difference between ART and a t-shirt DESIGN. Every once in awhile they can be 1 in the same, but you have NEVER come close to this. I don't hate what you have done here. If you were as famous as you think you are, and this was on the wall at an art show...it might be ok...but possibly designing shirts just isn't your deal...


yurdamannowdog profile pic Artist

Dear mcmarcg,

If you worked as hard at not being a wanna be Nagel / Warhol love baby, as you do at hating on other people, YOU might do something with YOURSELF some day. I wonder how many famous t-shirt designers would slap you for saying that t-shirt design is not art... oh, except, "every once in a while."

Furthermore, if fame plays so dearly into your opinion of a piece of art, I don't know how anyone can take you and your opinion seriously... seriously. If I told you that I am Banksy just trying out a different style, would your opinion of this piece really change?

Finally, calling an artist an egomaniac is like calling a Ferrari a car. All artist are egomaniacs to one degree or another. You think Picasso wasn't an egomaniac? Warhol? Look at how many self portraits Dürer did of himself. Do you even know who these people are?

Chuck McCarthy

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

the style of the woman is interesting. simple but a little more than simple. however, it's hard to evaluate the design itself with angry and indifferent faces staring down the viewer. Presentation isn't always important, but it can detract from the design. that's all.


Hey chuck...you aren't really hearing me.
No, MY opinion of a piece would not change whether or not the 'artist' was famous. My point is that...it is very difficult on threadless to do a piece of art for YOURSELF and have it be 'marketable' which is ultimately what it comes down to on this site. You seem to be making art YOU like and not really thinking about anyone else...which is all fine and good in a different setting but it isn't going to get you success on threadless...which maybe that isn't your point (though I don't know why else you'd decide to submit designs) .

Unfortunately, I think a lot of people do judge pieces based on past success/notoriety. My point wasn't that this would be successful as a shirt if you were known or not...because it wouldn't be...but maybe as a piece of art somewhere...if you had a following as an artist, that group of people 'may' be into this.

Your egotism is CLEARLY extreme. You are the one that hates on everyone...and I am just giving you some back. I wish I could take the high road on this, but I guess I like being a bitch.

yurdamannowdog profile pic Artist

Dear mcmarcg,

Wow, you seem to be more unemployed than me.

First of all, I don't hate on anyone. I gave you a true and accurate critique. If you can't handle criticism... oh well.

Second of all, Threadless is not about general marketability, it is about marketability to a certain demographic, and while you might be perfectly willing to bend and break your style, I am not. Threadless is an open forum and community, and I can do whatever I want. I am not working for a company. I am showing the people on Threadless what I think is a good tshirt design and truthfully and constructively critiquing their designs. If everyone did this, there would be much better work coming out of here.

Third of all, stop trying to insult me by saying that I have an ego. Got it. Thank you. I do have an ego. Everyone has an ego, and like I said before, to point out an artist's ego is like pointing out to me that my name is Chuck. You have an ego. If you didn't have an ego, you couldn't have gotten it hurt by me criticizing your design.

Finally, feel free to actually critique my work. Tell me you don't like the line quality. Tell me you don't like the color scheme. Tell me you don't think the subject matter is interesting. Tell me anything that might help me be better. Tell me something worth wild and useful, but please, please, please stop telling me nothing besides the fact that your feelings were hurt by what I said, because that is all I have heard so far.



i read all of this , very interesting argue! tanx dudes!


I like this, very very cool....

Please score and comment on mine:




While the portraits are very interesting, they are a little distracting. The main design is quite good, it would look better on one of Ninth Wheel's templates though.

The main design itself, could use a bit more spit and polish. If the messy look is the thing you're going for, maybe use real paints as this look isn't really working. Also, you could try Corel Painter.



Honest critique by mcmarcg for yurdamannowdog's 'woman head':

Sh@# sandwich.

yurdamannowdog profile pic Artist

Dear mcmarcg,

I am sorry I hurt your feelings and that your feelings can be hurt so easily.

If you don't want anyone to tell you what they really think about your art, you shouldn't show it to anyone.


HorsefaceDee profile pic Alumni

to be honest, this looks like a doodle on lined paper done during math class


Great with a art discussion here! I don't think the subject is interesting - a woman's head the lines describe shape and is a bit graphic but not so much. And in the end HorcefaceDee is right it looks mostly like a doodle, but of course you can make art on t-shirts and the art market is also a commercial market.

yurdamannowdog profile pic Artist

I love that criticism coming from you HoresfaceDee. Haha.



Thank you for your input. I feel like some of the argument might have been lost in translation, but I will take your opinion into consideration.

mikes yikes

I'd like the idea, making a woman's head out of freehand. However, I've seen something like this, it seems like a diagram of eye pattern when viewing Nefertiti bust.

Anyway, this is your design - kudos!

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