With Hope Anything Is Possible

Design by midgetbigot

With Hope Anything Is Possible by midgetbigot on Threadless
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midgetbigot profile pic Artist

I'm going to upload some othr shirts colors in just a minute

midgetbigot profile pic Artist

"this much explanation" One sentence and one clause. Wow you must like really simple things

midgetbigot profile pic Artist

You can see it on a darker BKG in my profile: "Hell Freezes Over"

and thank you

Terry Citizen

I didn't really get what was going on until I read the comments, might be just my eyes though.

midgetbigot profile pic Artist

That is what I was trying to do - the font for "9th Ring" is the old style giving a glimpse of how unfun and archaic life was before hope. The corss out and "rink" are looser and more graffitti - fun - since hope came to town. AndI wanted them to looks like they were carved by demon claws now having fun.

midgetbigot profile pic Artist

Also the sign gives refrence to it actually being in hell rather than just a demon somewhere throwing snowballs.

You know I read a lot of these comments not just about my stuff and they seem to be made after a quick glace. Do ya'll really even look at these and consider why choices are made? Or do you just go "yuck! - I wouldn't do that!"

It seems to me that sometimes things are not protrayed accurately for reasons, the the designer takes liberty for the bigger message. I don't know again I don't get the conventions being used for judgements.

Big Ed

I don't agree with milko's bluntness, but it IS a bit hard to understand. And unfortunately, midgetbigot, many people DO just give it a quick glance and then judge, because that is what people are going to do when they look at your shirt when you wear it. It might not be fair but it's still what often happens.

midgetbigot profile pic Artist

I don't know that this is being over thought a bit. I did two very ARC directed submissions and this one is more out of the box, more design than content driven. I looked to those submissions that had scored the highest so far and in quite a few I saw a great design with little to no revelence to the themes. If someone can explain to me how a guy in a bio hazard suit spraying color onto flowrs in relevant or what florence nightengale has ot do with the ARC, I'd be really amazed.

My thought process was what is the worse place - hell. And then I thought of "no hope in hell", "when hell freezes over" and "snowballs chance in hell" and wanted to illustrate what in our idioms seems impossible - the relief of eternal suffering. Hence hell turned into a winter wonderland. I don't see how it can be any clearer.

It's hell with snow. As to where does hope come from, what does that matter? I'm illustrating the result of hope not its source.

I think even a quick glance you see a devil playing n the snow. I really don't know how to make it any clearer.

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