With A Little Help From Our Friends

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i'm guessing it's some sort of blanket. maybe a blanket of "hope, humanity, and compassion"? and the two people are red cross employees i suppose?


i think my explaination has got to be close.


I want a McDonalds breakfast sandwich.

Big Ed

It looks like they're holding a giant bloody relief map of a hilly region.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

they're unvieling the world to the kids

obviously it needs to be executed a little differently, esp after reading the comments you've gotten so far, but I really like the concept you are tackling

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

maybe have everything the same but lose the curtain and have the two adults doing a vanna white with their arms, basically presenting them with the world


First thing I thought was "aww, they're hiding the world from children with a big bloody blanket"
If they are infact lifting the blanket thing, try to make that a bit more apparent. I also don't like the slant of the world that much.
Nice idea though :)


with a little help from pur frinds...

(who appear to be sitting on their butts doing nothing)

...we can smother the world with a giant smallpox blanket?

that would help the overpopulation problem.

the message isn't clear enough




^ but then there's the off chance that rocket boy has no idea what he's talking about.

it has potential. maybe have four guys holding onto the blanket, so that part doesn't look so off.

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everyones a flippin comedian

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