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Wish! Wish! Wish! by J-Ray on Threadless
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i really like this, but i think the girly one looks a bit too sad. if she had some of the exuberance of the original face it would be stellar.

kennybanzai profile pic Alumni

Yes, nice patterns and colors fo sho...


i dont think id wear this..... but an interesting design

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

It's Russ Danger's "Et Cetera's" funky second cousings coming into town to jazz the place up! I don't dream of these genies, i just smoke enough of the sensimelia to see them in this light! nice work J.

Edword profile pic Alumni

the pattern master! nice!


looks good on the purpur


nice colors.

herky profile pic Alumni

lovely patterns and characters, looks great on the lavender.

Frank Vice

i wish the lamp was a little more elaborate, but other than that it looks good


select it
I love it
dunno if I'd buy it but deffinatley a 5

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

looks amazing on the lavender. this is your best work by far Ray-J. You know...you might not have to bitch about not getting printed anymore after this one ;)


looks like you got tired when it came to the lamp and the arms/hands
otherwise it was goin really well

renfrue profile pic Alumni

sexxy patterns

i smell a print!


i like it~ it's funny __

Bramish profile pic Alumni

The patterns are good. The colours are good. The whole smokey blobby swirls with faces thing is wearing a little thin with me, and I think you could have put more effort into the lamp and arms, as shirtflirt mentioned. I'd prefer it if it were just the three shapes alone, but then you'd just have a less intricate Et Cetera I guess.

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