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wish i was a panda

Design by ekaj47

wish i was a panda by ekaj47 on Threadless
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Tapir! Why would he want to be a panda? Pandas have a crap dating pool. Tapirs are awesome.

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

The Tapir would like to be a Panda for some of the following reasons:

- It has never had the world sit around waiting to know the name of its new baby
- The Tapir does not get any billboards, t.v. commercials, or any other print ads with its likeness telling you to come visit the zoo
- The Tapir has a similar color scheme but wished it had cool
hair like the panda

feel free to ad your own if you would like


I really like it on pink for some reason.


awesome! I'm glad to see that other people have a soft spot in their hearts for tapirs.


It didn't make it? NOOOO!!! I need the tapir shirt!!! ;-;

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