Wine and Spirits

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littleclyde profile pic Artist

Wine continues to get better with age, but its spirits also get increasingly excited to be uncorked into the world again. Sometimes they get a bit more insistent than others to start exploring before being sampled! littleclyde and Frickinawesome hope you swirl this collab around and give it a taste.


good 5
fantastic red


Love the red...really nice job.


looks great on the tee yous guys! I would wear this for sure.


I think its a pretty sweet design, but I think I would tweak the colors so there is a little more contrast. It's hard to tell what is going on near the bottom of the shirt.

I'll give ya a $5 anyway.


I love those colors on the brown shirt!

empiricist profile pic Alumni

Holy shiznits this is awesome!! I really, really like the colors and the way the design wraps around! This is one of my favorites of yours for sure :)


awesome, if only it had a little more contrast... but really nice

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Hey, thanks all for the comments guys! We did a whole ton of research to get all the glasses, outfits, and cups correct. We also decided to keep this a bit darker and more foreboding than most stuff on Threadless, and I'm sure the design would pop a whole bunch more if seen in real life. Keep the opinions churnin!

Monkey X
Monkey X profile pic Alumni

Topnotch stuff guys!
Well done!


can't... speak...

I wanted your Ed Wood shirt so bad. This one is more universal though, and also even MORE GOODER. I think you may have a print on your hands. Or you'd better, or I'm gonna go to that Chicago office and... picket it, or something. Yeah.


Beautiful! Everything is awesome.... colour, placement, style, everything is amazing. How could this not get printed? $5 and print for goodness sakes!

Hi my name is

I love the way the design seems to fade like a wine stain on the shirt. Very nice $5


wow, this is so effin fantastic. looks like a for sure print to me. great job dudes, and the back is a tasty touch

KDLIG profile pic Alumni

awesome illo! $5


you shouild add more masks, as if there were several humans/figures all crambled up dnacing or doing whatever it is that they should be doing


no matter how i play w/ my monitor, this is terribly difficult to see. i do love me some wine and spirits though, so an extra point for that.


This is a-mazing. I love that it's dark and goodness I just adore the design. Love, love, love.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Thanks again for all the amazing comments guys!

Chelly, yeah, admittedly it is a bit difficult to see (and we even bumped the contrast and brightness up a tad from the original version we were gonna sub! lol).

hi my name is hit the feel we were going for, with the design gradually floating off the shirt and for it's more subtle details to hide in the background for a more foreboding style.

At work our monitors make the design look way darker than it should be tho, so just assume it'll be more than viewable on the tee if it would get printed and to be seen in person, hope hope hope!

looooooooove the design but my eyes were begging for more contrast!


please not on brown,

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

Very well done. Nice flow.

walmazan profile pic Alumni

I think is a very very good sub, I love it $5


$5 def buy... nice jorb guys!!


holy schmoly!! that's CRAZY good!! nice job, both of you $5


i have no idea what's going on in this one.


also underscored!

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