Wind Storm

Design by davidfromdallas

Wind Storm by davidfromdallas on Threadless
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empiricist profile pic Alumni

Really cool!!


way too small

Dorito bandito
Dorito bandito profile pic Alumni

Its nice to finally see a great design that has some conceptual thought behind it. keep up the good work there. oh yeah one more thing...make it bigger.

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

c'mon, you're from Texas... Everything is bigger there. These guy's could afford to be bigger too.

davidfromdallas profile pic Artist

haha very true. loved the minimalist approach, but def see where you're coming from. I guess the size is just isn't doing the piece justice.

Real World

I like the small characters.

Does everyone always need everything spelled out for them?
These little people are being overpowered by the elements as the struggle to make it in this great abyss of wind and fury.

They would be less vulnerable if they were larger.

Keep up the good work, and be your self.


The first placement, but somewhat bigger, and I'd buy it. The vulnerability point is an excellent one -- it's just, when someone looks at my shirt, I want them to have some idea of what they're seeing.


to keep it small, you could fill up more of the shirt with umbrellas and people. the design at the mo' would get lost at the bottom of the shirt in the rumples, etc.

davidfromdallas profile pic Artist

The more I hear, it makes me think that the presentation lets it down. Should have shown close-ups of the shirt in flash to truly capture the detail in the piece. Will definitely do it on future pieces!

Chocolate Taco

Don't make it bigger!

5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 !


Captain Kickball

has this been printed yet??
hurry up!!


i like how it trails on the bottom of the shirt it doesnt allways have to be huge dead center its cute detailing and when someone notice it when wearing it theyll appreciate it :P :P :P

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