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wildlife wrestling federation

Design by coolhandcarter

wildlife wrestling federation by coolhandcarter on Threadless
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steven218 profile pic Alumni
anything but white and you got a sale
while you're at it.. give it a pirate's peg leg.. put splatters on it.. give it a bleeding heart and write emo on its ass
Bramish profile pic Alumni
My flatmate's company already did this. Sorry: www.2sickbastards.com
Bramish profile pic Alumni
Wait... http://www.anywear.co.uk/2sickos/products/product10.html
OlliRudi profile pic Alumni
thanks for alerting us, bramish..i'd given this a 4+buy, now that needs to be reevaluated.
OlliRudi profile pic Alumni
by the way bramish, tell your flatmate to start selling shirts in bigger sizes than large. i want that one.
Bramish profile pic Alumni
Yeah, I'm not accusing this guy of copying. I can see that more than one person might feasibly think of this idea. But y'know...
Bramish profile pic Alumni
I'm pretty sure he's doing XL now. But they're American Apparel and from what I remember, you're not a fan. Shame, cos his latest design is an amazing Chuck Norris/Steven Seagal double bill.
OlliRudi profile pic Alumni
i have nothing against aa really, i'm just not built for 'em. i can understand that people who aren't fat fucks like them.
coolhandcarter profile pic Artist
i haven't meant to rip anyone off, it is a well established logo already so it's bound to have been about. This is just another version.
Bramish profile pic Alumni
Yeah, I understand that.
Bramish profile pic Alumni
I was addressing you!
coolhandcarter profile pic Artist
Nice site of your flatmates. A bit gutted that its been done before. Well done him.
from the top rope!
for god's sake pick a t-shirt color!
Oh geez. I expected toseeoneof these someday.
I'd totally buy it if it weren't white.
its on a white shirt 'cause the design requires 5 colors -- the shirt color is the white in the panda. so, if you want a different color shirt, one of the other colors'd have to go.
> kevinwells, at 8:57pm on Jan 17, 2006 The shirt color could just as easily be red, orange, yellow, or black.
i really love this. why not make the tee, say, grey? white looks so cheap.
hahahahaha. i know people are gonna whine about pandas, but i gotta say, i never get tired of pandas. and this from a kid who owns pandamonium. i ALWAYS make this joke when I see the WWF panda, so I think this shirt is awesome. i'd like it even more if the face mask looked less like the panda's head is on fire, but still. cool.
luchador = 0 panda = 0 panda in a luchador mask = 5$
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