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d3d profile pic Artist

endure the majesty of bathing outdoors, cooking outdoors, and stepping barefoot in crud.

Hi my name is


is the banner going to be on the shirt? either way its great


weird combination of camper parks and trailer parks. but it looks good on a shirt, so who cares.

zipperking profile pic Alumni

yeah, i'd ditch the banner since those type of trailers aren't the kind you find in trailer parks. But still AWESOME!

olie! profile pic Alumni

nice composition


airstream trailer park? sign me up, those are sweet!!

i see a streak of americana in your latest subs


I like how the banner is covering the lady on the front page, but not on the shirt placement. Good stuff...


HAHA! so good!!!

walmazan profile pic Alumni

I love your subs! 5

courtney pie

i never thought of painting welcome on my cinder block front stoop!

another $5 Sir

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

OooOoO 5

mezo profile pic Alumni

My aunt dottie & uncle don have an Airstream they pull on their cross country adventures. I call it The Silver Bullet. Amazing detail & nice graphic layout, for sure. Everything fits together perfectly. I prefer boobies a'showing. 5


my wife wants an airstream so badly


haha - reminds me of the comedian Rich Hall when he said that he puts a blue tarpaulin outside his trailer so that people from an aeroplane think he's got a pool. Love yer style as always.

d3d profile pic Artist

so people with airstreams don't stop at trailerparks? what's the difference between a trailerpark and a camper park?
i guess if the banner is confusing things then i'll just have to take it off and leave the boobies exposed. how unfortunate.

mezo profile pic Alumni

in the states, people live in trailer parks. Their trailer is more permanent. Sometimes the trailers even have wooden decks & porches attached & they have to pay rent monthly. Camper parks are for vacationers.


i like the banner. i'd rework the trailer...take the wheel off...put some blocks of wood to prop it up on..have some weeds growin throug the cinder block to make it look more permanent

mezo profile pic Alumni

The most important difference between trailer parks & camper parks is the piping. You can flush worryfree in a trailer - you have to pump & drain in a camper.


Classic style... so beautiful! 5

herky profile pic Alumni

looks great on the shirt, the Airstream is ace!

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

I bet that toilet paperish ribbon is only like... 1 ply.


and was lifted from a gas station restroom...


$5, where is the barrel?


If it's a donut it should have a hole in the middle!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

You are REALLY trying to embrace the parts of America i hate the most in your last two subs! I know you're doing it ironically, but damned if it doesn't make me cringe everytime i see them. 3 just for the emotion touched upon! And yes, i adore the TP-textured banner.


if that tp ribbon is only 1ply, it needs to be transparent. hahahah

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

Looks great. I like the version shown on the placement more.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

Amazing vector work, love the banner and everything about this. Would actually like to see some distressing on it for a vintage fell. No silver foil.

5ved and buyed.

thunderpeel profile pic Alumni


I would like to own an airstream. I would park it by a lake and then swim in the lake and fish in the lake and sing songs and never eat anything not cooked on a charcoal grill... though I would hardly describe that as discomfort.

Anyway, really nice illo. As long as it's an airstream in there and not a proper trailerpark trailer I'd keep the silver foil. I think it fits the mood. And of course, mad props for the underboobage.


I hate camping - I'm tempted to buy this for my parents as payback for all the camping trips they dragged me on. But I agree with above - trailer parks are permanent homes -what you are describing/making fun of is the discomforts of camping not a trailer park at all. Cover the boob and kids can wear this to school - leave it exposed and they have to miss out. I like the TP banner without the text (and typo).

d3d profile pic Artist

i apologise for not knowing the difference between the two. we don't have that distinction here.


When I saw the thumbnail I was like oh sh!t.....This did not disappoint...well done 5


ahahaha ohhhhh leon


total hawtness!!! $5

fat pigeon
fat pigeon profile pic Alumni

Looks great!

andyg profile pic Alumni

well done

Montro profile pic Alumni


Krakaboom profile pic Alumni

looks gorgeous on the shirt - fantastic vector work as usual!

BaronVonMonkey profile pic Alumni

lolz @ colleen in Home and Away
The Timminses in Neighbours lived in a trailer park for a while too

Also, I love those silver caravans, they always look really glamorous

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