Why You Never Saw the Spider-Mobile

Design by Moss

Why You Never Saw the Spider-Mobile by Moss on Threadless
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yeah but you do see the Spider mobile still though, its in Spiderman/Human Touch series


Moss, This is like the third sub in a row of yours that i hope will get printed, im pretty sure two of them will. I really like them all. Man, ill say it again, your too good. 5$


I had a Sider-Mobile Matchbox car when I was a kid.........but I think this one is WAY cooler... in a dodgy kinda way...



The spiders on the hubcaps look odd, but I don't know his logo either.

The door sticker perspective/angle is a bit off, too.

moosabman profile pic Alumni

haha yeah that actually made me lol. ok you win $5


ford fiestas/festivas rule, I had one and you could just pick that baby up and move it if you got stuck. spidey surely could move it with his web. :)


Just change the shirt color and I'm sold.

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