Why wouldn't Jesus dance? [Reprise]

Design by number4

Why wouldn't Jesus dance? [Reprise] by number4 on Threadless
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This is better than the first, but I liked the no-text version better.

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The first one had text, WWJD, but it was a little smaller.

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The cross around the neck? It's satire people, it's comedy gold. It's a t-shirt, not a lost book of the bible. And kingshit, you misspelled my lord and savior's name, the shame is on you.


I like it. I think it's clear that it's Jesus with the cross around his neck, but the type doesn't bother me at all.


i like jesus with a cross around his neck. the text is kinda small though, and i haven't seen the other version.

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I"ve got a question for you Sarah, what's up your ass?


i liked the first version better


You've sinned with this one.

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jnsmithson, you are totally correct. I didn't realize how off center it was.


If you're going to remove the cross but still want to make it clear he's Jesus, give him a crown of thorns or a halo. Stigmata?

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The christian fish, nice suggestion. Thanks everyone, all your feedback and comments have been greatly appreciated. I plan on making one more iteration, and then leaving at that.


i agree wholeheartedly with economos. that's the only thing i would suggest. 4


i love these comments...number4 and vibration13 should get it on...so much tension people?? but a very very cool design am wanting one of my very own!

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