Why Won't it Die?

Design by TGWA

Why Won't it Die? by TGWA on Threadless
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TGWA profile pic Artist

It HAS to die.

alexmdc profile pic Staff

hahaha great work as usual $5

idilek profile pic Alumni

Nice Character :)

phillydesigner profile pic Alumni

great great and great!

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

cool 5$

briancook profile pic Alumni

Fun and silly! 4 from me.


hahaha nice

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
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Love the character, like a jellybean on crack juice, and the overall joke, but i'd love to see it played up even more, with bullet holes in the wall, half of the wall cracked, the ground smoking with bombs, axes and all kinds of implements sticking out of the happy-go-lucky creature, maybe some more crazy bazooka styles guns on the other side in silhouette, and the people around him with more confused and hair-pulling-out styles of body communication of their rage towards not killing this infuriatingly happy creature! also, maybe put the words "ELIMINATE" underneath the X-ray to bang the point home as well. Love it and good luck!

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