Why So Grim, Guys?

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"Look, I know we're in a serious business. I get it. We're here to take the the old, the sick and the clumsy and guide them to the afterlife. It's always bad news when we show up, and the least we can do is give these poor sods a dignified sendoff.

"But... I dunno, fellas. Lately I've been finding it all so... depressing. All that whining and begging and 'it's not my time, you've got the wrong guy, take him, he'll go with you, he's an idiot'... I mean, sheesh, we've got great job security, and the perks are awesome, but it's a downer when your clients are never happy to see you, y' know. Makes it real hard to go to work every morning.

"Now clowns, that's different, everyone likes clowns. They make people laugh, they're cheerful, people enjoy having them around. Clowns are popular! Everyone's always happy to see these guys. I really think we could learn a lot from them.

"So... how about it? What say we get you some facepaint, maybe a couple of wigs, and we spend an evening trying out some jokes on each other? Throw some pies around, maybe make some balloon animals, even. Or we can... uh, hey, what's going on? Where are you taking me? Guys? Umm... hello? Careful where you point that scythe - OW! Damnit! Wait! It's not my time! You've got the wrong guy - look, will you just leggo of my nose?!"

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haha awesome!!

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This is cool.


haha! great!

Plu Shu

Funny idea, and diggable style. rocks

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very funny


Good job! Ya, those other two need to lighten up a lil'.


hah! this reminds me of family guy.
love it!

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