Why Glow Worms Glow

Design by MidwestLove

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MidwestLove profile pic Artist

Printed with Glow In The Dark ink around the 'pillar and some of the circuits to make him glow glow glow...

And I know it's more of a monarch caterpillar than a real "glow worm", but cmon... he's also eating a circuit board leaf. I figured we could imagine together.


It glows because it is printed in glow in the dark ink?

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I agree with The Crack Fox, only reveal the microchip pieces at night. Also, make it a bit more into the center of the tee or make another leaf in the background on the right side with another glow worm to even it out. Nice idea here.


haha interesting :D

PeculiarTiffany profile pic Alumni

I uh... fourth? the circuitry suggestions. :) That would be neat.


yeh definitely agree with everyone, i think the little glow worm character is awesome too, even though strictly speaking it isnt much like a glow worm lol


hell yeah marky.


What The Crack Fox said.

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