why did the chicken cross abbey road...?

Design by westborn


OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

ha, i have an abbey road sub pending too. Strange how these things always come in waves. Nice use of colors btw


this is attractive looking - colors and everything.


i'd like it better if the chickens were all drawn differently. right now they are draw too similarly for me.

westborn profile pic Artist

@bouncingdropkick: i had a version with them all colored differntly, the last one with the blue of the sky, but it didn't look that good ;)

@plans: they are all drawn unique... all in the same style, but otherwise it would look a bit strange, don't you think?

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

Wow, awesome! Nice work on the negative space and choice of colours. Very nice.

grayehound profile pic Alumni

Nice illustration and sorta clever idea. Playing off the Beatles, especially such an iconic image as Abbey Road, is tough. Unfortunately, you tried to do it with another overdone cliche and it just isn't very interesting. You need something else to make it work....one should be a walrus or a different color or missing or a submarine. Something.

westborn profile pic Artist

@Zak_aeon: yeah, and they should all be colored different, and one should hold a cigarette... - did it, didn't look good.
And for the conspirancy friends there's a 'Paul Is Dead' license plate... ;)


very skilled use of the
shirt color in the design

Super Cute !

concerning the concept :

I can't see why a design that
has substituted the Beatles
with very cute young chickens
should be printed. Maybe if
the young chickens were in a
farm environment that
resembled Abbey Road it
resonate more with me.


I think the quality of the artwork is top-notch, however I don't care much for the actual concept at all. I mean, I like the Beatles and chicken tastes good and all, but um...yeah. Apply this awesome level of skill to a good idea and you will go far.

westborn profile pic Artist

@helo & rrich76:
it's not just the beatles replaced with chicken without a conecpt - it's a take on the 'why did the chicken cross the street'-jokes - which don't seem to be as popular as i hoped... maybe depends where you're from
(so, maybe it is a good idea, but not popular enough ;) )


thanks westborn !

I totally missed the title

Ava Adore

hahaha,, awesome


LOLOLOL!! Ilove the chicKs!! Print this now!


very cute, nice work...$5


Very sweet, nice colourway.. 5


superb ... 5$


luv it. but one lil idea: ------how bout giving them all shoes except one? i think people would get it more. but i do luv it.

unisex pompadore

disclaimer: I didn't bother reading any previous comments.

Make it look more like the actual Abby Road cover, & you got yourself a winner.

westborn profile pic Artist

you should have...


ohh, very clever. i like the PID license plate too. on one hand i don't like the chicks, because the question is "why did the chicken cross the road," not "why did the chick . . .". but the idea of chickens on abbey road is just too weird. great use of colors, although perhaps if you could differntiate between the chicks more - i know they're not carbon copies of each other but, well, if you don't look carefully they look alike. but as i said, very clever; i like it a great deal! i do believe i'd buy it.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Man, could more people be any rougher on a fantastic design? I love how half the people who commented totally miss why they're chicks crossing the road, combining one of music's most iconic images with one of the most enduring non-sensical jokes of all time.

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