Who's a Good Boy?

Design by Paul Sheaffer

Who's a Good Boy? by Paul Sheaffer on Threadless
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Great. 5!


Love it! Are those columns supposed to look like dog bones?!


ahaha.funny execution.awesome design.EXCELLENT IDEA..GREAT JOB..HIGH FIVE!

Jake Friedman

Latin is a little off, and while mine is a little rusty I think it should be more like:

"Qu? bonus canis est?" = "Who is a good dog?"

"Qu? bonus puer est?" = "Who is a good boy?"

Right now, it reads "To whom the good is Canicula? Canicula is a specific constellation, not a generic dog.

Paul Sheaffer
Paul Sheaffer profile pic Artist

Whatever Jake Friedman, NERD! JK. Canicula translates to 'little dog' as far as I know. If I get printed I can finally afford that full-time Latin consultant I've been dreaming of.


Nice design dawg. Love the dog house/temple. I'll throw it a $5 bone


I think it might be "bonus" instead of "bono" . . unless the desire is to also somehow work the majority leader of the House into it, in which case it would be "Qui boehner canicula est?" but that would be just friggin tearful.

Paul Sheaffer
Paul Sheaffer profile pic Artist

Bob! You were the last person I'd expect to see on here but should have been my first call for a translation!


I don't speak Latin unless I am really drunk, channeling Bacchus, Paul. This is why language has always had trouble walking a straight line and touching its nose with its eyes closed. . . it's small wonder communication is in freefall devolution regressing to pictographic symbols. . . Future historians will pore over an endless series of emoticons, trying futilely to decipher the deep meaning of the cerebral processing of Valley girls. Like your drawing, btw !


Another amazing one!


cool, cool work

Aunt Sally

5! Brilliant design

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