Whole Notes Get Lonely Sometimes

Design by davidfromdallas

Whole Notes Get Lonely Sometimes by davidfromdallas on Threadless
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davidfromdallas profile pic Artist

Sad, but true.

2 color process. Looks good on blue jean or light blue.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

hahaha, funny stuff man. I'd like a little more style to it all, mabe those other notes partying with a cleft note with drink or something, but music geekazoids will dig it!

toopersent profile pic Alumni

agreed with FnA, I like the idea of them partying.

p.s. totally voting on the Football sub!

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni



^^musically very true, but I don't think fact effects the concept on this one. The point gets across simply and charmingly

I've also seen some wacky scores where the composer throws in whole notes to represent entire bars, regardless of actual time signature. It's unorthodox and, I find, rather stupid, but I've seen it

davidfromdallas profile pic Artist

You guys are insane! Chill out. The time signature is 2/2!

Besides ^ that looks ugly. hahaha

davidfromdallas profile pic Artist

wow. whoever made this sucks.

Dorito bandito
Dorito bandito profile pic Alumni

Damn two great subs. I love how simple and awesome this one is. $5 Print!

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

I am a music person that was about to get technical. Love the idea and I love the simplicity. Not keen on the partying idea myself. Now make it accurate and I'll be all over this.


Unfortunately, some "musicians" are tied to old concepts of expression and musical notation. Kind of like medieval scholars--could you imagine what they would think about modern notation, and God forbid, John Cage? So, this is frickin awesome!


had no idea you did this one, too! You are good!


cute. i dont think the whole note should have the same happy eyes as the others tho. give him sad eyes.

bsweber profile pic Alumni

love it!!

PeculiarTiffany profile pic Alumni
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InvincibleAgent on Jan 16 '09
The first measure is occupied by only a weird note, it seems to be a full whole, or a quarter without the tail. There is no such note.

I really love the idea and wish it was made by someone who knew what they were doing

That's a little harsh. It's a cute t-shirt design, not a music text book. I love the simplicity of it, and think it's adorable.


If this was executed a little better (maybe more notes, put the sad one at the end, or some background action) it would be a 5$.

mark722 profile pic Alumni

haha, I can relate. Awesome design

davidfromdallas profile pic Artist

Thanks everyone for comments and votes!

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