Who will win the war...?

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Who will win the war...? by Brat Worst on Threadless
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those crunchies need to cover the whole ice cream bar or be left off

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

people, if the inspiration is from an extremely famous photograph (especially with the clint eastwood flick out now deconstructing it), OF COURSE it's gonna look like any other design that used that picture as its source material. I think this is different enough from both the Mcrevolution to the artrevolt mcdonalds tee to be worthy of being left alone in that regard. So Brat, has everyone been nibbling from one side and its outer shell is riddled with tiny bullet holes? Or are they speed holes that make the pop go faster?


I'm Canadian so perhaps my opinion is not relevant, but I question why you would rework such an important photo/sculpture of American history. Some subjects should be off limits, even for t-shirts.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Your soldiers' linework are too busy. And the concept of that has been done already with the McDonalds one.

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