Who watches the WATCHMEN?

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Who watches the WATCHMEN? by - Davide - on Threadless
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- Davide -
- Davide - profile pic Artist

A comic and tragic end...


YEAH! Fantastic 5 S


Very good work! 5 $


Hihi the Comedian !! I love WATCHMEN! $5


GREAT!!!I want it!!! 5$

ndikol profile pic Alumni

hahahaha cool :D

- Davide -
- Davide - profile pic Artist

Thanks to all :)


I like this one, it's cool.

Pakpandir profile pic Alumni


jublin profile pic Alumni

am i missing something? it's just the character from the comic falling out of the window, right? like he did in the comic?

i looked through your other subs and you're a great illustrator with some very clever ideas, but why sub something like this? What makes it unique and not just some fanart? I'm sorry, i'm sure this comes off as a harsh comment, but I really don't mean it to be.

- Davide -
- Davide - profile pic Artist

Jublin, you're right, this kind of t-shirt is for fans like me of that comic book / movie.

Not for nothing I put two subs together on the same day ..
I know it's difficult to be published, but I thought that if it were published, as fans, i bought it immediately : )

Sorry for the english ^_^

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I agree with Jubsie, if there was some kind of joke or twist to this image I'd really dig it (maybe with the comedian having a rubber band-like piece around his belt insuring he'll bounce right back into the room?

bygrinstow profile pic Alumni

...or if he fell out the window because of a pie in the face...

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

i never read this nor watched the movie so i get/like this design even less than jubs. needs to have something much more to this.

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