Who Is Chasing Who? Be Fast!

Design by reinert

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reinert profile pic Artist

Actually this is a single piece design but the connection/rotation between front & back tee are telling 2 different stories. The front placement is showing the deers chasing two cheetahs. But the back placement is showing a cheetah chasing the deers!

Who is chasing who now?
Who cares?

From the Lomography Golden Rules No. 7 //
-Be Fast (or be killed)-


Copy and Paste = Fail


Astanasha on Jul 08 '08
I think the copy paste works pretty well in this instance, i mean, they would be running in unison.

Ya but it takes no skill to go to clipart and pick an image and then copy and paste it.

againstbound profile pic Alumni

I agree about the copy/past issue, and besides this uses at least 5 colors so it really acn't be belt-ptinted.

But I like the idea, and I think if it was hand-drawn in a single color it could have much better chances. Good luck anyway

reinert profile pic Artist

Sorry? Astanasha? go to clipart, pick up an image and copy and paste? Can you find out for me which clip art are these?

By the way, this is the way i try to express for my concept. That's why I duplicate the graphics with the diff colors. If you really don't like, please don't vote. But, I hope you could respect some other comments too :) Thank you very much.

reinert profile pic Artist

Sorry, i meant to Phiffer, not Astanasha :)


Good luck, its bold to go with a design which LOOKS easy to pull off. Either way I like it.


I dont really care about the copy and past, great idea and design!


cool design.


I agree with i B i S. But otherwise, it's wonderful.


this is an excellent job!!... simple and clearly... I love it!!... $5

reinert profile pic Artist

Thank you so much for all comments & suggestions :-D

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