White Russian

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White Russian by BusCaptain on Threadless
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OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

bit too skinny to be an accurate representation of the dude, isn't it?


well thats just like . . . . your opinion . . . . . man

kick ass

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

no walter youre not wrong youre just an asshole


Yeah, this totally HAS to get printed, because I need to buy it. Right now, seriously. $5


I never would've gotten that that's the Dude without the comment on account of him being so thin... and I quote that movie daily. Maybe if he were wearing his sweater....




i love the dude, but its sorta like the dude on meth, but i see from above everyone has mentioned how very thin he looksas well...

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

Its a nice idea.. but as everyone has said... on the skinny side, I would like a dude shirt, but I would hate to see it printed without the changes just because everyone loves the movie. But I do think this is the only smoke friendly shirt that would ever be printed on threadless, and so I support it. Legalize it, bob marley said it.


looks like my science teacher


Hey Duuuude! Love this movie.


$5 because this is the perfect shirt. Great for bowling, great for Achievers!


The smoke needs to change, but otherwise awesome.


"OK I like this movie and I like the drawing and I get the connection but the first thing I thought of when I saw it was Clip Art"

I can't believe this comment.

This site is absolutely over-run with ripped off images, scanned photographs, captured video images and clip art. And nobody ever says anything. In fact the more recognizable the image, the more people make comments like; ‘you’re such a good illustrator.’

Then BusCaptain does an awesome caricature and people start making accusations of clip art. This site is going down the crapper.

BusCaptain I’m giving you a $5 n’ buy for actually doing what this site is all about – creating artwork.


That's just, like, your... opinion, man.

I'd buy it and love it.


Do you know how HARD it is to find a quality T-shirt that has ANYTHING to do with The Big Lebowski? The closest I've seen is my roomie has a band T-shirt that has Walter pointing the pistol. As long as this is dyed in, and not that iron on plastic latex.. dealie.. you find in places like Hot Topic, I'd pay as much as $15 for it. Excellent design, and I don't think The Dude is too skinny at all.


Oh, forgot. I'd probably have at least my father get one too, as he's a huge Lebowski freak himself. I can think of a few other people that'd want it, also.


5$ and from all my friends:


i loved the big lebowski. i loved my ex boyfriend. unfortunately i wouldnt wear this shirt bc of my ex. but otherwise this is wonderful i would have bought it back in the day.


skinny but instantly recognizable. $5.


I hope this is printed...can I request for the print even if it is not officially made a t-shirt...I am a big fan of the Big Lebowski...

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