White Horses

Design by Freddie Mokuyobi

White Horses by Freddie Mokuyobi on Threadless
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^ aggree with above, make it blend into the t-shirt more

HorsefaceDee profile pic Alumni

all of them are "white" horses...

Freddie Mokuyobi
Freddie Mokuyobi profile pic Artist

The color in the box will be the same color as the shirt if that makes any difference


it will looks great as a print.

aled profile pic Alumni

It's a really nice piece, but needs more thought going into adapting it for a tee. It just looks like a photo of a piece of artwork stuck on a photo of a tee.

B 7
B 7 profile pic Alumni

lovely art. i don't mind the border so much personally, but it will do much better here wihout it.
Love the style and colours.


not a fan of the horse sketches, the boxed-in design, the colors or the idea. sorry, but it's a total no-go for me.

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