Where the streets have no name

Design by D-maker

Where the streets have no name by D-maker on Threadless
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A great song from U2 (1987-Joshua Tree)

The song's video was directed by Meiert Avis. The band attracted over 1,000 people during the video's recording on the rooftop of the Republic Liquor Store at East 7th Street and South Main Street in Los Angeles on 27 March 1987.[21] The scenes include the police shutting the video down due to safety concerns, however the video was heavily edited and overdubbed to make it appear that the band kept performing after the police ordered them to shut down. In reality, they stopped upon being ordered to do so[citation needed]. In 1988, the music video won a Grammy Award for "Best Performance Music Video".[22]


Enjoy it.


nice halftone..I like it..

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Great memorable video, great t-design too. I like the mixture of the Halftone background against the style of the foreground; nice affect.



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